1. a rainstorm in Vietnam

  2. Halong Bay, Vietnam - Dragons Descending from the Sea

  3. Packing for Vietnam.

  4. we are the floaters of the river. 

    one time sully took a waterproof camera along so we could actually remember it.

  5. oh iceland, you are pretty.

  6. good morning

  7. we stayed in an old farmhouse somewhere in iceland

    in the late afternoon, sheets were hung out to dry.

  8. iceberg beach

  9. geothermal

  10. we stayed on a horse farm in iceland

  11. don’t ever forget how beautiful this planet is.

  12. beautiful girl on a black sand beach

  13. fort-building in fields

  14. dried fish by the sea

    we stopped in this little town for kaffi and cake.

  15. fields of rhubarb